Theatre advert

Here’s a little poster I made for a show put on by Seventy Thirty Creatives in Knoxville, TN back in 2018.

During most plays that I’m involved with, I draw on the script. The title on this poster is a digital scan of the sketch I drew on the cover of my script. 000




This piece is an experiment with digital spray paints and mixing styles. I have always loved art nouveau and graffiti. In this piece I used digital spray paints to create something with a decorative background and negative space. My favourite part, I think, are the sleeve drips, the glass, and the subtle hearing aid.


This came about from Inktober 2019. It’s based on a character in Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn. I wanted to try doing highlights and shadows in more of a vector style. I also wanted to do a humanoid form that’s a little bit “cute”.img_0295