Sonnet 2

So young and full of promise they all were.
It’s they who ought to be here. Unjust.
They walked this troubled earth, a whirlwind blur.
And times were changed with just one powerful gust.
Some clashed with guns, still others razed with words.
Inspired by their gods to fight their wars,
They followed leaders like migrating birds
To their deaths. Now ghosts alive as vapours
Dance within the memories of their mothers.
Their bodies dwell as dust under the dirt,
Dark and loamy soil ever smothers.
And whitest lilies lie atop, inert.
And Brothers will enshrine the young with love
Until Below becomes the world above.

Sonnet 1

Cacophony of sound is in my bones
Spent days with just myself with which to talk.
And feeling lonely makes one feel alone.
So down the road I go for a long walk.
In search of quiet time and beer to drink,
For muses in this silence speak to me.
Within a pub, I sit myself to think
Beside these folk alive I seem to be.
They drink, are merry, and so full of joy,
They shout their silence, and they make me whole.
The muse within me loneliness destroys,
No longer do I feel that I am sole.
When in a group the solus settles in,
Go find a pub, for muses live within.