Hunting for Fae

I’ve not been working on my stories lately.

Writer’s block is a description of what I’d been experiencing, but a better word might be depression.

I went out into Maryville College Woods and walked for a few hours, chasing the wind.

I found my way into an orchard of sorts. Bumblebees zipped around pollenating the early-blooming flowers.

And I came out with a story.

I’m not outlining, I’m just writing and seeing what happens.

So far, I’m at 4k words with an 8k word goal, and I’m feeling really great about it.

An Old Thing I Might have Written?

I will not be fettered.

The proverbial “man” shall not reign over me.

My life and my creativity will not be wasted.

My whole life I have tossed coins into fountains hoping to be in a position of creativity.

Magic-infused water has always been in short supply.

I will be my own catalyst.

Today is day one.

I am no longer my own worst critic.

I am no longer afraid of the criticism of others.

I will show the world.

I will have success.

If only in my own mind.

I will create for myself, and I will be happy.


I’ve been playing with my own identity lately. I wanted a simple logo that I can stamp on pictures or stories.

Here’s a first draft of something I came up with when I combined Norse runes Sowilo, Mannaz, and Hagalaz.

There’s meaning behind each rune, which I could tell you. But I prefer to keep my own meanings and warnings to myself.