Hunting for Fae

I’ve not been working on my stories lately.

Writer’s block is a description of what I’d been experiencing, but a better word might be depression.

I went out into Maryville College Woods and walked for a few hours, chasing the wind.

I found my way into an orchard of sorts. Bumblebees zipped around pollenating the early-blooming flowers.

And I came out with a story.

I’m not outlining, I’m just writing and seeing what happens.

So far, I’m at 4k words with an 8k word goal, and I’m feeling really great about it.

Cumberland Falls

Here’s an ancient photo from Cumberland Falls. This was before iPhone, when digital cameras cost an arm and a leg and didn’t even get you clear images.  But I think it’s a pretty good representation of how I feel whenever I go to Cumberland Falls.

It’s a peaceful place if you can find a little piece of the beach full of sunlight.