Actor, writer, and artist.
Singer, dancer, origami folder.
Butcher, baker, candlestick maker.
Artificer, Alchemist, Linguist.


Here’s some kind of reel, if you’re curious.


Twitch Stream

I’m a bit of a jack-of-all-trades living in Durham, NC with 2 dogs (Miley and Béla), 1 cat (Seven of Nine), and 1 husband (John Robot).

A Short Story about my Shakespeare Addiction

In 2013, after a medical separation from the military, I tried selling bridal gowns and planning weddings. After a few years, I discovered that weddings are fun, but not the best career for me. I went back to school to get a second bachelors’ degree. While studying teaching English as a foreign language, I saw an audition announcement for a girls’ prison version of Macbeth called Macbeth is the New Black. I had long loved theatre, but while studying theatre production at Ball State, I had given up on performing. But in 2014, I auditioned.

And that was the beginning of my addiction.

I have been performing Shakespeare ever since. I even went to Oxford in 2017 to study Shakespeare with the British American Drama Academy.

Shakespeare is more than my hobby. I’m a full-blown Bardolater.

A Short Story about Short Stories 

I was in first grade when I wrote my first story. Miss Bowlby brought me to her desk after grading a stack of first grade stories. She set down her red Bic pen gently and took my hand. In direct contrast to the gentleness shown to her pen, she shook my hand with a ferocity that jostled my entire tiny body.
“That was the best first grade story I have ever read!” she exclaimed while still shaking my hand.
Fast forward to middle school, and I could be found in class, at recess, on field trips, and everywhere in between scribbling stories in spiral bound notebooks about faeries or meeting my favourite celebrities.
In high school, I became a nature-worshipping nerd and began plotting and writing epic fantasy novels.
But what does an aspiring writer do after high school? Go to the college that doesn’t require an essay for admission.
So I went to Ball State University. After graduation, I went into the army because that’s what I thought all the best writers were supposed to do. My experience in the army was more embarrassing than exciting and ended in a medical discharge.
I have never stopped writing, though I have slowed down for a few years after leaving the army. I’m picking it back up now, and I’ve been going outside more and talking to the gods and listening to nature’s stories.

I am a storyteller, and I have truths to embellish with nice little lies.

“A story with no one to hear it has little value.” – Assemblage 23

“All the truth in the world is held in stories.” – Patrick Rothfuss

A Hilariously Short Story about Other Things.

I like to make jewellery and paint art.

(These open in new windows)

 Email the artist!

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